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Manual Testing


Manual Testing

What is manual testing?

Manual testing refers to the process of testing software applications or systems manually, without the use of automated tools. Here are a few points that explain what manual testing is:

Manual testing involves a human tester who follows a set of test cases or scripts to verify the functionality of the software application.

It is a time-consuming process as each test case needs to be executed manually by the tester.

Manual testing can be performed on any type of software application, including web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, and more.

It involves different types of testing such as functional testing, regression testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing.

Manual testing is performed to validate the behavior of the software application against the requirements and user expectations.

Manual testing requires the tester to have domain knowledge, expertise in testing techniques, and good analytical skills.

Manual testing is often used in the initial stages of software development and can also be used alongside automated testing to ensure complete coverage of the application under test.

Manual testing is a cost-effective method of testing for small projects or applications with limited functionality, but it may become expensive and time-consuming for large-scale projects.

Manual testing can also help identify usability issues and provide feedback on the overall user experience of the software application.

Deliverables you can get

A set of instructions or steps that a tester follows to validate a particular functionality of the system under test.

A detailed document that outlines the approach, scope, and objectives of the testing process.

A report that includes the summary of the testing process, the defects found, their severity, and recommendations for improvements.

A document that contains the description of a defect found during the testing process, including its severity, steps to reproduce it, and screenshots.

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