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Free technical consultation

We discuss what kind of remote team you’re looking for, what tech stack to use, how urgently do you need the developers and your budget for the project. We will share our experience in similar cases to tailor the best hiring strategy for your request.


Interview the candidates

We prepare shortlisted candidates for you from our vast selection of developers or from the market. You choose and pick.


Onboarding the team

As soon as you assembled the team, they’ll be ready to be integrated into your team – just like in-house employees. We keep the administrative side of the collaboration.


What You Get

Why work with Synergy Labs


How long does it take to get the team?

From the time we agree upon your team requirements to their first day on the job with you typically requires 5-10 business days, for full-time personnel from our talent pool. If we're searching engineers for you from the market, you're getting the first relevant candidates within 7-15 days.

Where will they work?

Mostly engineers work from their own homes or local coworking spaces in our hubs like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore. They can also come into our local offices as needed for specific events. If you need to establish a local R&D center for your engineers to work on-premise, we certainly will arrange that.

Should I pay taxes for employed specialists? How do I make sure everything is legal?

No. We take care of the employment of record of each person on your outsourced team. Synergylabs has registered legal entities in Israel and soon in the UK and US. We can hire in almost every country of your choice.

Should I buy work equipment for hired engineers?

Only as relates to specialty equipment that may require (i.e. augmented reality, video production, 3D printers, etc.). Most of our IT specialists already have computers and essential hardware of their own. If they do not, we can provide them a laptop or desktop as suited to your project and defined in our discussions.

What if I’m unhappy with an engineer’s work?

While we sincerely hope that such a scenario never arises, it would be unrealistic to assert that it is entirely impossible. Ideally, the initial course of action would be to engage in a conversation with the engineer involved, allowing them the chance to rectify the matter themselves. Nonetheless, if the issue persists despite this attempt, we kindly request that you inform your account manager at Synergylabs, enabling us to assess the situation together and explore potential courses of action. These options may involve additional training or the prompt replacement of the engineer.

What if I need to invite the engineer for a business trip to my home office?

This is certainly possible provided it is planned with sufficient advance notice. We strongly recommend contacting your account manager here with Synergy Labs to facilitate the effort. You’ll need to cover the cost of airline tickets, lodging and per day expenses, and visa fees. Some countries may require you to write a letter of invitation stating why the person is needed and where they will stay upon arrival.



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